About Us

We are a small business based in Brighton UK.

Sue has been making corsets and clothing for over a decade and I have been doing it for 4 years. Sue decided to specialise in corsets because they were more challenging, fun an interesting. She started developing her own corset patterns because the ones available weren't good enough.

I came on board with a drafting and engineering background which proved very useful for
drawing up patterns and picked up the sewing skills quickly.

Over the years we have researched historic methods and patterns, tested and played with many
theories and we still constantly experiment just to see what will happen! The day I stop learning new things is the day I know something is wrong!

All the experimenting and testing has allowed us to create extremely good patterns with
beautiful flowing lines and shape and given us the ability to manipulate them with ease.

Our real speciality is the made to measure corset, corsets custom made to your measurements!
Sue also has a wonderful flair for design and colour, if you need something really special made up, she is the person to talk too. We have a vast array of fabrics and access to many more, we are more than happy to help you find the perfect fabrics for your perfect corset!

The experimenting and research has also helped us develop a vast knowledge of corsetry and we don't expect everyone to know all the ins and outs of corsets, if you need any help or advice please contact us! (use the Ask a Question link in the menu on the left)

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